Internships or Trainee program in US

The  J-1 Internship/Trainee program promotes mutual cultural understanding and encourages personal and professional development by creating and supporting opportunities for international candidates to intern or train with U.S. businesses.

Our program has two major categories: CHI-arranged programs and Self arranged programs:

The CHI-arranged program is when US Visa Sponsor organization finds a job placement for you. Depending on your qualification and background, your visa sponsor (CHI) will search and provide you with an internship position related to your field of study and professional experience in one of our contracted Host Businesses in the U.S. The Exchange Visitor should be ready to accept a placement in his area of expertise or background upon successful interview with the Host Business. The 12 or 18 month program follow a training plan (DS-7002) your Host Business designs for you which includes rotation through different jobs or departments to foster your professional development. All CHI-arranged internships are paid at an average $7-9 per hour ($1000-1300 per months before taxes) and provide 32-40 working hours per week. Your stipend will cover your housing, food and transportation expenses. Most of CHI participants save some money to travel at the end or even during their program.

When it comes to financing your internship, we encourage you to manage your expectations properly, and do not expect high compensational rates on this program. This program is designed for educational and cultural enrichment purposes which provide you with exciting life-long career opportunities, a great network of industry professionals and an outstanding CV. If you are looking at the program from financial point of view ONLY, this is not the right program for you and you should not apply.

The Exchange Visitor (EV) cannot leave the assigned job without written approve from Coordinator of the program and CHI Main office or risk termination from the program and deportation from the country. EV has to fulfill his/her contracted obligations as stated in DS-7002 (Training plan) and Exchange Visitor Program Agreement.

Please visit our Available positions list on CHI website and facebook page to get an idea of what kind of positions you can expect on the program.

The Self-arranged program

The Self-arranged CHI program is when you find your own job-placement by yourself. CHI will provide you with necessary instructions to complete paperwork and other related formalities and issue Ds-2019 along with insurance, sevis receipt and vetted DS-7002 training plan. You should keep in mind that the company and job providing internship program for you should correlate to your occupational category (your previous experience and working background). CHI does not have any limitations in location of the business within the US, compensation and duration of the program (up to 18 months). The self-arranged program is also cheaper comparing to CHI-arranged program since we spend less time and resources working on your application. Let us know if you are interested to learn more about this option, and we will send you list of Self-arranged program requirements, recommendations and Guidelines.

Your Program Sponsor will assist you in finding housing in U.S. Usually, depending on the location, the cost of housing will vary between $85-150 per week for a shared room. You are free to find and reserve your own housing, which will need to be pre-approved by CHI coordinator.

Some participants are being confused with the amount of different forms involved in running this program. The following article describes different documents on the program. You might find it useful to read.

You may find additional information regarding the program at US Sponsor website or facebook page

Please contact us to learn more about the program.